Get the Best Results from Your Cutter Operations
    There are three main areas on a paper cutter that should be checked early and often during cutting: Knife sharpness, knife angles and clamp pressure.
      Knife sharpness
        These are the five early warning signs of a dull knife:
        • A rough or chipped cutting edge, depending on the material
        • A bang is heard when cutting the bottom sheets of a pile
        • The cut material sticks together
        • The cut edge of the material is ridged or turned down
        • Inaccuracies in cutting (overcut, undercut, etc.)
        Knife angle
        • Standard knife angles are between 23 and 25 degrees
        • Materials such as Foam Core should be cut with an 18 or 19-degree knife
        • Litho plate requires a double-bevel knife with a 30-degree primary edge and 24-degree secondary edge
        Clamp pressure
        • Use a higher clamping pressure for soft material
        • Use lighter pressure for hard material
        Avoid Operator Injury
        Update and upgrade your cutter and related equipment to increase productivity and safety.

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